VIP One (1) Week

6.00 USD

VIP - One (1) Week Subscription

This is the same as the VIP Monthly Sub, except it is only for 7 days and does NOT renew.

Make sure you join our Discord and that you are in-game before subscribing to this VIP package! 

  • 50% boost to in-game MX-E Shop currency generation
  • 50% (1.5x) boost to Player Weight Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to XP Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to Crafting Speed Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to Player Harvesting Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to Dino Harvesting Multiplier
  • 30% reduction in Food/Water consumption rate
  • Weekly VIP Crate (pushes Friday to Sunday):

    • 3 Weapons, Tools & Saddles (App. to Asc. quality)
    • 2 Dinos (all saddled, level 224-269, 100% imprint)
    • 3 Resources (quantity varies by resource)
    • 1.0 to 1.5K in -game MX-E Shop currency

Type /crates in Ark chat to see what crates you have available. Type /crate VIP (case sensitive) to open VIP crates. Make sure you are outside when you open one!