VIP One (1) Month

20.00 USD

VIP - One (1) Month Subscription

This is the same as the VIP Monthly Sub, except it is only for 30 days and does NOT renew.

Make sure you join our Discord and that you are in-game before subscribing to this VIP package! 

  • 50% boost to in-game MX-E Shop currency generation
  • 50% (1.5x) boost to Player Weight Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to XP Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to Crafting Speed Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to Player Harvesting Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to Dino Harvesting Multiplier
  • Weekly VIP Crate (pushes Friday to Sunday):

    • 3 Weapons, Tools & Saddles (App. to Asc. quality)
    • 2 Dinos (all saddled, level 224-269, 100% imprint)
    • 3 Resources (quantity varies by resource)
    • 1.0 to 1.5K in -game MX-E Shop currency

Type /crates in Ark chat to see what crates you have available. Type /crate VIP (case sensitive) to open VIP crates. Make sure you are outside when you open one!