VIP Subscriptions

The TET servers rely on our community to grow and keep running.  The best way to support the community is through a monthly VIP monthly subscription which comes with a host of benefits that includes enhanced in-game rates and stats, enhanced in-game shop currency rates, and a weekly VIP package filled with gear, dinos, and resources.  (Additional VIP scaled packages forthcoming.)

You can access the VIP monthly subscription from the Packages menu above.

Make sure you join our Discord and that you are in-game before buying VIP packages! 

Here's a more detailed list of what TET VIP status gets you:

  • 50% boost to in-game MX-E Shop currency generation (play-time and voting)
  • 50% (1.5x) boost to Player Weight Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to XP Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to Crafting Speed Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to Player Harvesting Multiplier
  • 30% (1.3x) boost to Dino Harvesting Multiplier
  • 30% reduction in Food/Water consumption rate
  • Weekly VIP Lootbox (pushes occur Friday to Sunday):

    • Weapons, Tools & Saddles - Apprentice to Ascendant quality
    • Dinos - 2 from pool, all saddled, level 224-269, 100% imprint
    • Resources - 3 from pool (quantity varies by resource)
    • 1.0 to 1.5K in -game MX-E Shop currency

VIP Monthly Sub

VIP One (1) Month

VIP Two (2) Weeks

VIP One (1) Week