Welcome to the TETRAHEDRON (or TET) Gaming Ark PVE Community Cluster! 

We hope this is just the beginning of a great Ark experience for you.  With community support, it is our intent to keep these servers running through the launch of Ark 2 and beyond!  We really appreciate your support in keeping the servers running and look forward to any feedback you can give us on the community and servers.

Please make sure to read the server rules on Discord and in-game by hitting F1 (in game).  Also, please join our Discord before making any VIP donations as there are Discord and in-game permissions granted that require being connected to our Discord server.

Click on the links above to learn more about donation tiers and packages.  Please note, we're still tweaking packages both in the in-game and donation stores.  If you find something off, please let an Admin know and we'll work to get it fixed ASAP.

See you on the Ark!